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We offer the whole range of disinfectants exposed on Russian market for medicine as well as public services and premises.


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Catalogue Disinfection and pre-sterilization clean of instruments


Sidex OPA - disinfectant. For disinfection of medical-purpose items of different materials (including rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments to them, metal instruments).
Wholesale price: 1743 rub.
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Sidezym - enzymatic remedy. For hand pre-sterilization clean of medical-purpose items of different materials, including dentist’s instruments.
Wholesale price: 2050 rub.
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Vapusan 2000 - multipurpose  disinfectant (concentrate). It is intended for disinfection of surfaces in premises, rigid pieces of furniture, sanitary-technical equipment, patient-care items.
Wholesale price: 307 rub.
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Veltolen - multipurpose disinfectant of wide range of activity without chlorine It is intended for disinfection of surfaces in premises, patient-care items, linen and underwear, ware, toys, general cleans.
Wholesale price: 610 rub.
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Veltolen-Extra - multipurpose disinfectant with wide range of activity. It is intended for current and final disinfection of surfaces in premises, sanitary-technical equipment.
Wholesale price: 301 rub.
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