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We offer the whole range of disinfectants exposed on Russian market for medicine as well as public services and premises.


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Каталог Disinfection and pre-sterilization clean of instruments Cleandezin-3000



Produced: in Russia.

Using: for using in patient-care and prophylactic institutions:

- for disinfection of medical-purpose items, also surgery and stomatologic instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments to them in case of viral, bacterial (including tuberculosis) and fungal (Candida, dermatophytiae) infections;
- for disinfection of flexible endoscopes in the device <KRONT-UDE-1> after infectious patients treatment;
- for disinfection of high-level endoscopes (HLD);
- for sterilization of medical-purpose items, as well as surgery and dentist’s instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments to them.

Composition of the disinfectant: 2,7% glutaric aldehyde as well as other compounds.

Consistency and specialty: transparent colorless liquid prepared for using; pH=6,0-7,5.
Microbiological activity of the disinfectant: is active against viruses, bacteria (including against tuberculosis and spores) and fungi.

Toxicity: belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances in case of introducing into the stomach and to the 4th class of low-hazard compounds in case of putting onto the skin; moderately toxic when it is introduced into the abdominal cavity; causes moderate local irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye, possesses sensitizing effect.

Using: for disinfection of medical-purpose items of different materials, also surgery and dentist’s instruments, instruments to endoscopes in case of viral and bacterial (except tuberculosis) infections; exposure time – 30 min; in case of tuberculosis, Candida, dermatophytiae exposure time – 45 min. For disinfection of rigid and flexible endoscopes in case of infections of different causation, as well as disinfection of high-level endoscopes exposure time – 20 min. In case of sterilization of medical-purpose items the treatment time is 8 hours.

Packaging: glass bottles of 5 L., 10 L., 20 L.; polyethylene vials of 5 L., 10 L., 20L.
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