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Каталог Disinfection and pre-sterilization clean of instruments Diabak


disinfectant (concentrate)

Produced in Russia

Using: the disinfectant “Diabak” is intended for:

- disinfecting and washing surfaces in premises, rigid pieces of furniture, surfaces of apparatuses, sanitary-technical equipment, devices, linen and underwear, ware (including laboratory ware), cleaning instruments, toys, shoes, rubber mats, sanitary vehicles, in P.C.P.I., focuses of infection, public-attended objects, catering enterprises, industrial markets, penitentiary institutions, public toilets.

- disinfection and pre-sterilization (including combined with disinfection) of medical-purpose items (including surgery and dentist’s as well as rotational instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes and instruments to them, dentist’s modals, denture teeth of different materials) in P.C.P.I.

- disinfection of suction pumps used in stomotology in P.C.P.I.

-pre-sterilization of dentist’s instruments by automatic way using ultrasound in the machine <Ultraest> in patient-care prophylactic institutions;

- Disinfection of special equipment, uniform and instruments of hair-dressers, massage salons, baths, saunas, clubs, beauty salons, laundries and sanitary checkouts and other service sphere objects;

- Shoe disinfection with prophylactic aim against fungal infections (dermatophytiae);

- Disinfection, clean, washing and deodorizing refuse collection equipment, refuse carriers and garbage containers;

- Disinfection of accumulating tanks of autonomous toilets and bio toilets.

Composition: contains alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (11%) as active substance, functional additives, formula activators, corrosion inhibitor as well as other compounds.

Consistency and specialty: transparent liquid of violet color with smell of odorant; it is well water soluble, disinfectant pH 9,8+1,0, working solutions pH – 6 – 11. Possesses washing effect. The disinfectant does not cause metal corrosion; does not cause any harm to surfaces; does not spoil the fabric color, does not leave organic stains. The disinfectant should not be mixed with soaps and anion surfactants.

Microbiological activity: the disinfectant “Diabak” is active against different gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms, including pathogens of tuberculoses, fungi of Candida, dermatophytiae and must fungi, viruses (hepatitis B, HIV).

Toxicity: according to the classification of high-hazard substances in case of getting into stomach the disinfectant “Diabak” belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances. In case of getting into the abdominal cavity it belongs to relatively non-toxic substances. In case of inhalation action as vapor the disinfectant is also low-hazard; as a spray it possesses common toxic effect, appropriated to the threshold of high-hazard single action. Working solutions do not possess common toxic effect when it is put onto skin and have no sensitizing effect.

Using: working solutions are prepared by dissolution of the disinfectant in cold running water in proportion 1:4. Treatment is performed by wiping, irrigation, immersion. For disinfection of objects in case of infections of different causation 0,25-12,0% concentration should be used. For treatment of surfaces, endoscopes and instruments to them, medical-purpose items (including dentist’s instruments, denture teeth and preparations) concentration of solutions should be used: in case of bacterial infections – 0,25%, tuberculosis – 2,0%, viral infections – 3,5%. Exposure time – 60 min. In case of especially hazardous infections surfaces should be treated with 0,5% disinfectant solution, exposure time – 45 min.

Packaging: plastic vials of 1 L. and 5 L.

Measure norm: in case of surfaces and sanitary-technical equipment treatment by wiping - 100 ml/m² of surface, by irrigation – 300ml/m² (atomizer, automax) or 150 ml/m² (atomizer of the <Quasar> type).

Storage life: concentrate – 5 years; working solutions – 14 days.

Storage terms: in covered warehouse’s premises in places, protected from moisture and sunshine, away from heating devices and open fire under temperature from -20 C up to +30 C.
Specialty and notes: the disinfectant preserves its activity after freezing. The disinfectant wipes out stains of fat, oil, cinders, protein sediments and many other hard removable substances from surfaces of any materials (glass, mirrors, metals, pottery, carpets, leather, chrome-plated items, concrete, tiles, rubber, plastic, vinyl, porcelain, faience etc. as well as porous ones). Disinfectant solutions may be used for disinfection, combined with their pre-sterilization clean repeatedly until the appearance change.
Disinfection by wiping may be performed in people’s presence. After disinfection rinsing of the working solution off the surfaces is not required. The disinfectant may be used against must.

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