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Каталог Disinfection and pre-sterilization clean of instruments Brilliant


a disinfectant for disinfection and pre sterilization clean (concentrate)

Produced in Russia

Using: the disinfectant “Brilliant” is intended for disinfection of surfaces in premises, sanitary-technical equipment, patient-care items, medical-purpose items (including dentist’s instruments stiff endoscopes and instruments to them), for performing general cleans in P.C.P.I., also for disinfection combined with hand and machine pre sterilization clean (using ultra-sonic treatment) of medical-purpose items (including surgery and dentist’s instruments); for high-level disinfection and pre-sterilization of medical purpose items, including rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments to them; for pre-sterilization of M.P.I. without disinfection; disinfection of surfaces in premises, sanitary-technical equipment, ware, linen, cleaning instruments, patient-care items; for performing general cleans in P.C.P.I., surface treatment and prophylactic disinfection at catering enterprises, dwelling and public-attended premises, common-use locations inside children-care institutions.

Composition of the disinfectant: as active substances it contains 0,9 % alkildimethylbenzilammonium chloride (quaternary ammonium compound (QAC)) and 0,8 % glutaric aldehide (GA); besides, it contains surfactants, butanediol, odorants, water.
Consistency and specialty: a clear colorless liquid, foamy when shaken up, ph of the disinfectant of 3,5-4,3. Working solutions of the disinfectant possess washing property.

Microbiological activity: possesses wide range of antimicrobial activity – working solutions possess viral (including viruses of A-birds birds flu, HIV, pathogens of enteral and paraenteral Hepatitis, poliomyelitis) bacterial (including pathogens of anthrax, plague, cholera and tuberculosis), viruses, pathogenic fungi of Candida and Trichophito as well as spores activity.

Toxicity: the disinfectant “Brilliant” belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances, to the 5th class of practically nontoxic substances in case of introduction into the abdominal cavity and to the 4th class of low-hazard substances in case of single inhalation, does not cause local irritating effect on skin but has irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the eye. In case of potentially hazardous ways of affecting the organism (stomach, skin, inhalation) working solutions belong to the 4th class of low-hazard substances and when introduced into the abdominal cavity are relatively nontoxic (the 6th class of hazard) as per classification of inhalation hazard of disinfectants. Disinfection belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances.

Using: disinfection of surfaces is done through wiping or irrigating. Toughly dirty surfaces are treated twice. Patient-care items are immersed into the solution or wiped with rag soaked in the solution two times with 15 min interval. Disinfection of patient-care items is done through immersion. 20% working solutions are used for disinfection of medical-purpose items in regard to anthrax pathogen spores. Treatment time 90 min. 0,5% of working solution is used for disinfection of different objects in regard to birds’ flu (H5N1), treatment time 30-60 minutes.

Packaging: polymeric bottles – 100 and 500 ml.; polyethylene containers of 1 L., 5L., 10L., 30L., 200L.

Storage life: concentrate – 3 years if not unpacked; working solutions 14 days under the storage terms.

Storage terms: solutions are kept in closed containers in a dark place.

Specialty and notes: disinfection of surfaces with 0,5% solution through wiping can be done in presence of patients. Working solution maintain antimicrobial activity after freezing and unfreezing.

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