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We offer the whole range of disinfectants exposed on Russian market for medicine as well as public services and premises.


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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Samarovka


disinfectant (concentrate).

Produced: in Russia.

Using: for disinfection of surfaces in premises, rigid furniture, sanitary-technical equipment, linen and underwear, ware, cleaning instruments, patient-care items in P.C.P.I., also for disinfection in children-care institutions, at public-attended objects, catering enterprises and food trading; performing general cleans, for disinfection as well as that combined with pre-sterilization clean, medical-purpose items of different materials (including stomatologic instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments to them) in P.C.P.I.

Composition of the disinfectant: alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (4.8%) and other active compounds.

Consistency and specialty: liquid of light-blue color, well water soluble pH+7.0. Possesses washing and deodorizing properties, does not cause any harm to treated objects, does not spoil fabric color, does not fix organic stains. Can not be used with soaps and anion surfactants.

Microbiological activity: is active in regard to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including mycobacteria of tuberculosis), viruses (including viruses of Hepatitis and HIV), fungi of Candida, dermatophytiae.

Toxicity: as per classification of influence onto the organism, in case of introduction into stomach the disinfectant belongs to the 1st class of low-hazard substances according to COST 12.1.007-76, possesses moderate local irritation of the skin and the eye; does not cause sensitizing effect.

Using: surfaces in premises, rigid furniture, sanitary-technical equipment should be treated through wiping and irrigation. Ware, linen and underwear, patient-care items, cleaning instruments, medical-purpose items (including rigid and flexible endoscopes) should be treated by immersion. Disinfection procedures of different objects, as well as pre-sterilization procedures (including combined with disinfection) of medical-purpose items, dentist’s instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes and instruments to them in case of infections of different causation are shown in recommended instructions tables.

Packaging: plastic containers of 0.5 L., 1 L., 10 L., 50 L., 200 L.

Measure norm (for prepared solutions): for surfaces treated through wiping – 100 ml/m², through irrigation with an atomizer, automax: 300 ml/m², from atomizer of “Quasar” type – 150 ml/m². For ware treatment – 2 L. per 1 set. For linen and underwear treatment – 5 L. per 1 kg dry items.

Storage life: concentrate – 5 years. Working solutions – 14 days.

Storage terms: usual.

Specialty and notes: concentrate preserves its properties after freezing to -20° C.
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