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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Sidex NU

Sidex NU

disinfectant “NU-Sidex” (double-compound system, consisted of fluid compound 1 (jerry can B) and fluid compound 2 (jerry can A) exposed in separate jerry cans, that should be mixed to get working solution).

Produced: by <Gohnson and Gohnson Medical Ltd> (Great Britain) of corporation <Gohnson and Gohnson> (USA)

Using: disinfectant “NU-Sidex” is intended for disinfection of medical-purpose items, made of thermolabil materials (rubber, plastic etc.), including rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments to them in case of infections of bacterial (including tuberculosis), viral and fungal causation, for disinfection of flexible endoscopes through mechanical procedure in case of mentioned infections, also for sterilization of pointed items in patient-care and prophylactic institutions.

Composition: compound 1 (concentrate) contains 5% ethanoic acid, hydrogen dioxide and water; compound 2 (solvent) possesses stabilizer, corrosion inhibitors, preservative and water.

Consistency and specialty: compound 1 (concentrate) – transparent colorless liquid with smell of acetic acid. Compound 2 (solvent) – transparent colorless liquid without smell.

Microbiological activity: working solution is active against bacteria (including tuberculosis), viruses, fungi and spores.

Toxicity: as per classification of high-hazard substances working solution belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances (COST 12.1.007-76) in case of introduction into the stomach; low toxic in case of parenteral introduction, moderately hazardous in case of inhalation as vapor; does not cause skin irritation, causes weak irritation of the eye, does not possess sensitizing effect. Compound 1 (from jerry can B) in accordance with the Classification of high-hazard substances in case of introduction into stomach belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances, in case of putting onto skin – to the 4th class of low-hazard substances (COST 12.1.007-76); in case of inhalation as vapor causes irritation of the upper respiratory tract and mucous membrane of the eye and belongs to high-hazard compounds; causes obvious local irritation onto skin and the eye with possible harm to the cornea. Compound 2 (from jerry can A) in accordance with the classification of high-hazard substances in case of introduction into stomach and putting onto skin belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances (COST 12.1.007-76), in case of inhalation as vapor is low hazardous; does not cause local irritation to the skin and the eye.

Using: disinfection of items should be performed in enameled or plastic containers, occluded with covers, including in “SIDEX”* trays. Medical-purpose items should be fully immersed into container with solution, filling the cavities and channels with help of subsidiary instruments (droppers, syringes), removing air bubbles. Detachable items should be treated dismantled. Items with locking parts should be immersed open, and a few working movements should be made for better penetration of the solution in the locking locations which are difficult of access. Treatment time: medical-purpose items of metal, rubber, plastic, glass (except flexible and rigid endoscopes) – 10-20 min.; rigid and flexible endoscopes – 5 min. Sterilization of medical-purpose items should be performed through immersion in sterile enameled ( or plastic containers, occluded with covers as well as in “SIDEX”* trays. Medical-purpose items of plastic, silicone, flexible and rigid endoscopes, instruments to them under temperature 20+1. Treatment time – 10 min.

Packaging: compound 1 (concentrate) – plastic vials of 0,5 L. Compound 2 – plastic jerry cans of 5 L.

Storage life: 35 weeks in closed packing of the producer (jerry cans A and B).

Storage terms: under temperature from +5° C up to + 28° C in places, protected from direct sunshine.

Specialty and notes: ATTENTION! Forbidden: use of the part of A and B jerry cans contents in order to get working solution of less volume; use of A and B jerry cans contents (separate) without mixing. For disinfection of endoscopes working solution can be used many times within service life (24 hours). Avoiding dilution of the solution, only endoscopes which do not have any liquid on surface or in channels should be immersed in it. For disinfection of remained items working solution should be used once.
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