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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Sidex


disinfectant (double-compound system, composed of liquid and powder).

Produced: < Gohnson and Gohnson Medical Ltd>, Great Britain.

Using: for disinfection of medical-purpose items (including rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments to them; instruments used in stomatology and microsurgery), also for sterilization of pointed medical-purpose items (further called “items”).

Composition: liquid compound – 2% glutaric aldehyde water solution, powder compound – alkali agent, corrosion inhibitor and dye.

Consistency and specialty: - liquid compound – colorless transparent liquid with specific smell; powder compound – well-grinded powder of light-yellow color. The disinfectant fixes organic stains. After total activators dissolution, pH reaches 8,2-9,2, the solution becomes fluorescent green.

Microbiological activity: is active against bacteria (including tuberculosis), viruses (as well as parenteral Hepatitis and HIV), fungi and spores.

Toxicity: as per classification of high-hazard substances (COST 12.1.007-76) the disinfectant belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances in case of inhalation and introduction into the stomach; to moderately toxic in case of parenteral introduction, possesses weak cumulative and sensitizing activities; causes weak local irritation when it is applied onto skin many times, and causes obvious mucous membrane irritation. In case of long action disinfectant vapors can cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract and mucous membrane of the eye.

Using: for solution preparation powder activator from enclosed to the container plastic box should be carefully poured down into container with fluid compound.
Disinfection of medical-purpose items should be performed through immersion. Detachable items should be put into solution dismantled.

Treatment time: in case of bacterial (except tuberculosis) and viral causation – 15 min; - Candida – 30 min; - tuberculosis and dermatophytiae – 90 min.
Performing sterilization all manipulations should be carried out under aseptic conditions. Treatment time under temperature 21-1° C: metal items – 4 hours; items of different materials, including polymeric – 10 hours.

Packaging: plastic jerry cans of 1 L., 5 L., 10 L. +plastic boxes (like pencil-box) with powdery compound to each container.

Storage terms: under temperature from + 5 C up to + 20 C in places protected against direct sunshine, in a dark cool place.

Specialty and notes: ATTANTION! Forbidden: disinfectant using when it is not activated; division of each compound into parts in order to prepare active solution of less volume; using the remedy for disinfection and sterilization until total activator dissolution in glutaric aldehyde solution.

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