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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Sidezym


enzymatic remedy for pre-sterilization clean.

Produced: <Gohnson and Gohnson> of branch <Advanced Sterilization Products – Gohnson and Gohnson Medical Inc> (USA).

Using: for hand pre-sterilization of medical-purpose items of different materials, including dentist’s instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments to them.

Composition: enzyme subtilizyne (bacterial proteases) as active substance, also several additives.

Consistency and specialty: transparent liquid of violet color with menthol smell. Concentrate possesses pH=6,0-8,0. The disinfectant possesses good washing properties with low foaming.

Toxicity: as per classification of high-hazard substances (COST 12.1.007-76) the disinfectant belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances in case of introduction into stomach; in case of putting onto skin and inhalation of vapor compounds, parenteral introduction – to low toxic compounds; does not cumulate in the organism. In case of single influence as concentrate the disinfectant causes weak skin irritation and moderate irritation to the eye; causes weak sensitizing effect. Working solutions in concentrations 0,8% and 1,6% in case of single actions do not cause local irritation and cause skin dryness in case of repeated actions.

Using: working solutions should be prepared in glass, enameled, plastic containers by adding appropriate quantity of concentrate to drinking water. Pre-sterilization of medical-purpose items should be performed through immersion. For instruments without locking parts, channels and cavities 0,8% concentration should be used. Treatment time – 15 min. Washing should be performed in the same solution within 0,5 min. Detachable items should be dismantled before immersion into 1,6% solution; items with locking parts should be immersed open and a few working movements should be made for better penetration of the solution into the locking parts of the items which are difficult of access. Treatment time 15 min. Washing – within 1 min.
For pre-sterilization clean of flexible and rigid endoscopes 0,8% solutions should be used. Temperature is not lower than 18° C. Treatment time 15 min. Washing should be performed in the same solution within 1-3 min. Pre-sterilization clean of instruments to flexible endoscopes should be performed in 1,6% solution. Treatment time – 15 min. Washing within 1,5-2 min.

Packaging: polyethylene containers of 1 L. and 5 L. with fixing for 8 cm² and 20 cm².

Storage life: 2 years.

Storage terms: under temperature from -40° C up to + 40° C.
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