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We offer the whole range of disinfectants exposed on Russian market for medicine as well as public services and premises.


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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Nica-Extra M

Nica-Extra M

disinfectant (concentrate).

Produced: in Russia.

Using: for disinfection of surfaces in premises, rigid furniture, sanitary-technical equipment, linen and underwear, ware, patient-care items, cleaning instruments in P.C.P.I, children-care institutions, at catering enterprises, public-attended objects, by consumers in homes, also for pre-sterilization clean of medical-purpose items (including endoscopes and instruments to them) in P.C.P.I.

Composition of the disinfectant: active substances: alkyldimethylbenzilammonium chloride 3,5-4,5%, as well as compounds providing with washing effect.

Consistency and specialty: transparent colorless liquid with light sweet smell. Well soluble in water in any proportion, possesses washing properties. Well rinsed with water. Does not cause corrosion to medical instruments.

Microbiological activity: is active against bacteria (including mycobacteria of tuberculosis), influenza virus, and other pathogens of acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), fungi of Candida and Trichophyto, possesses washing effect.

Toxicity: the disinfectant belonges to the 3rd class of low-hazard substances as per COST 12.1.007-79 in case of introducing into
the stomach and to the 4th class of low-hazard substances, in case of putting onto the skin, parenteral introduction and inhalation of vapor compounds causes weak local irritation to the skin and the mucous membrane of the eye; does not possess sensitizing effect.

Using: surfaces in premises, rigid furniture, sanitary-technical equipment (twice with interval 15 min.) should be treated by wiping. Patient-care items not stained with blood, should be treated by wiping or immersing. Ware and linen treatment should be performed by immersing. Cleaning instruments should be immersed into solution, after disinfection they should be rinsed and dried. Pre-sterilization clean of medical-purpose items should be performed by immersing. Detachable items should be immersed into solution – dismantled, locking instruments – open. Then they should be washed in the same solution, where immersion was performed. After that the items should be rinsed with running drinking water within 3 min.

Packing: plastic containers of 1 L., 5 L.

Measure norm (for prepared solutions): for surface treatment – 150 ml/m², sanitary-technical equipment – 300 ml/m²; ware – 2 L. per a set; linen and underwear – 4 L. per 1 kg dry items.

Storage life: concentrate – 3 years; working solutions – 5 days.

Storage terms: usual.

Specialty and notes: the disinfectant must not be used together with anion substances and surfactants. The disinfectant treatment can be performed in patients’ presence.
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