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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Vapusan 2000

Vapusan 2000

multipurpose  disinfectant (concentrate).

Produced: <Nautimex Industry> (Sweden)

Using: disinfection of surfaces in premises, rigid pieces of furniture, sanitary-technical equipment, linen and underwear, plates and dishes (ware), patient-care items, disinfection, including combined with pre-sterilization clean, of medical-purpose items of different materials (including dentist’s instruments, rigid and flexible instruments); for disinfection of different kinds of technological equipment, stock, package, uniform, at catering enterprises, for all kinds of disinfection (current, final, prophylactic) in P.C.P.I. ( including clinical and bacteriological laboratories), children pre-school and school organizations, housing and sport objects. It is recommended for disinfection of technological equipment, premises and other objects at catering enterprises (butcher’s, dairy, bakery, confectionery, and beverages producing enterprises).

Composition of the disinfectant: active substances: alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride-4.9, alkyldimethylethylbenzylammonium -4.9, ethanol-2% and other substances.

Consistence and specialty: light-blue liquid with light specific smell, well water soluble. ph of the concentrate – 7.0. The remedy possesses washing and deodorant activity, ecologically safe, not volatile, not explosive and not aggressive against corrosion resistant steel, wood, _алюминию__, ceramic tile, rubber, plastic, does not spoil treated objects, does not make colors fade from the material, does not fix organic dirtying. Can’t be used with soap and anion surfactants. Concentrate maintains its qualities when frozen in -20 temperature.

Microbiological activity: is active in regard to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including TB); viruses (including HV and HIV), fungi of Candida and Trichophyto and also bacteria of colon bacillus, staphylococci, streptococci, Salmonellas, bacterial spores, yeast and must fungi groups – that are specific for catering enterprises, in temperature above 45 degrees.

Toxicity: in case of getting into stomach, when it is put onto skin and in case of inhalation of volatile components the (vapor) disinfectant belongs to the 4th  class of low-hazard substances, to mild-hazard toxicity substances in case of parenteral introduction. Concentrate causes local irritation of skin and eyes, does not possess sensitizing effect. 0.5-3% working solutions does not cause local irritation in case of single contact and cause skin dryness only in case of many contacts. As aerosol (by means of irrigation) solutions of the remedy cause visible irritation of eyes mucous membranes and respiratory tracks.

Using: disinfection is performed by wiping soaking immersing and dispersion. Rigid pieces of furniture, floors, walls, etc. are wiped by rag soaked in the solution or irrigated. Sanitary-technical equipment is irrigated or wiped by rag soaked in the solution or cleaned by a brush. Linen and underwear, plates and dishes (ware), patient-care items, medical-purpose items are immersed. At catering enterprises disinfection of the equipment is done after washing it thoroughly beforehand in accordance with the procedures listed in the instructions.

Packaging: 0.5L. and 1L. bottles with dozer, 5L plastic jerry cans and 20L., 50L., 200L. plastic containers.

Storage life: as concentrate 5 years. The solutions are stable during 14 days and do not decompose under the storage terms.

Storage terms: in dry closed premise in hermetically closed package.

Specialty and notes: It is possible to combine disinfection with pre-sterilization clean. Fire and explosion safe, can be used together with other cation and neogen substances, alkali salts of organic and mineral acids. Treatment in presence of people is permitted.

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