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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Dulbak soluble

Dulbak soluble

sterilizing disinfectant

Produced: France

Using: for disinfection of medical-purpose items of different materials including surgery and dentist’s instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes, medical instruments to them and patient-care items, as well as for sterilization of pointed medical-purpose items in P.C.P.I.

Composition of the disinfectant: as active substance contains 2,35% glutaric aldehide.
Consistence and specialty: transparent liquid of light-yellow color with light citric smell. Possesses fixative effect.

Microbiological activity: possesses bactericidal (against tuberculosis mictobacteria) viral (including against pathogens of parenteral Hepatitis and HIV infections), fungal (against fungi of Candida and dermatophytiae) and spores activity.

Toxicity: as per degree of affecting the organism the disinfectant belongs to the 3rd class of mild- hazard substances in case of getting into the stomach, in case of putting onto the skin – to the 4th class of low-hazard substances according to COST 12.1.007-76, in case of introduction into the abdominal cavity – to the 5th class of relatively nontoxic substances. In case of single vapor inhalation it is low hazardous. Cumulative effect is low expressed. The disinfectant possesses moderate sensitizing effect and week local irritating activity onto the skin under repeating actions; causes moderate irritation of mucous membrane of the eye.

Using: disinfection of medical-purpose items including surgery and dentist’s instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes, medical instruments to them, also patient-care items should be performed by immersing in closed containers. In order to avoid disinfectant’s dilution, immersed items must be dry. In case of bacterial infection, (except tuberculosis), viral and fungal
Causation, exposure time – 15 min.; in case of tuberculosis – 90 min.; in case of diseases, caused by sporogenous bacteria (anaerobic infection) – 120 min. After disinfection the items (except endoscopes and instruments to flexible endoscopes) should be washed with running water within 5 min., endoscopes and instruments to flexible endoscopes – within 10 min.
Sterilization of medical-purpose items should be performed in containers by immersing. Sterilization of medical-purpose items of glass and metal should be performed under temperature 21+-1 C, exposure time – 480 min; medical-purpose items of plastic, rubber; flexible and rigid endoscopes, instruments to them – under temperature +21=-1 C treatment time 600min.; After sterilization the disinfectant remains should be removed from the items using sterile containers. Proportion of immersed items to water volume is not less then 1:3.

Packaging: plastic vials of 1 L., jerry cans of 5 L. and 20 L.

Storage life: 3 years – in unpacked producers packing, after opening – 20 days.

Storage terms: in closed packaging under temperature from +10 up to +30.

Specialty and notes: for disinfection and sterilization the disinfectant may be used repeatedly within 20 days after opening the packing. The solutions should be replaced when soiling signs appear (turbidity, flakes, sediment formation, change of color etc.)

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