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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Delansin


Produced: in Russia

Using: disinfection of surfaces in premises, rigid furniture, surfaces of apparatus, devices, sanitary-technical equipment, patient-care items, toys, linen and underwear, ware, cleaning instruments in P.C.P.I., focus of infection, children-care institutions, at dwelling and public-attended objects (hotels, hostels, baths, swimming pools, sport clubs, hair-dresser’s), catering enterprises, on sanitary transport;

- general clean in P.C.P.I. and children-care institutions:

- disinfection, also combined with pre-sterilization clean, of medical-purpose items (including surgery and dentist’s instruments) by hand treatment in P.C.P.I.;

- disinfection combined with pre-sterilization of flexible and rigid endoscopes, instruments to them by hand treatment after their being used by infected patient in P.C.P.I.;

- disinfection combined with pre-sterilization or final (before high-level disinfection – HLD) clean of flexible endoscopes by hand treatment or by mechanical procedure in the machine <KRONT-UDE-1> after their being used by infected patient in P.C.P.I.

- preliminary clean of endoscopes and instruments to them by hand treatment in P.C.P.I.;

- disinfection, combined with pre-sterilization, as well as pre-sterilization, non-combined with disinfection, of surgery and dentist’s instruments by mechanical procedure with ultrasound use in the machine <Cristal-5> and <Ultraest> in P.C.P.I.

Composition: alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (QAC) – 19,5% and M, 1_R-bis (3-aminopropyldodecyl amine – 10,2%, besides the disinfectant contains corrosion inhibitor, dye etc.

Consistency and specialty: transparent liquid of yellow color with specific smell, pH – 9,5-11,0. Possesses washing properties.

Microbiological activity: possesses antimicrobial activity in regard to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including pathogens of tuberculosis), viruses, fungi of Candida and Trichophyto, as well as washing effect.

Toxicity: as per classification of high-hazard substances the disinfectant “Delasin” belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances; in case of putting onto the skin – to the 4th class of low-hazard compounds; in case of parenteral introduction – to the 3rd class of moderate toxic substances; as vapor in case of inhalation it islow-hazard.

Using: disinfection of surfaces in premises, rigid pieces of furniture, surfaces of apparatuses, instruments, sanitary-technical equipment, rubber mats, toys, patient-care items of different materials, table and laboratory ware, linen and underwear, cleaning instruments, bandage material, cotton wads, used napkins etc. should be performed with 0,05-5,0% solutions. For 0,05 % solution preparation 0,5% concentrate should be dissolved in 995,5 water. Exposure time is from 30 to 150 min. depending on the treatment object and disinfection type. Combined with pre-sterilization, the disinfection of medical-purpose items (except endoscopes and instruments to them) with solutions of <Delaxin> by hand washing should be provided by 2,0%-3% solutions of the disinfectant. Treatment time is accordingly 60-30 min.
Upon disinfection, combined with pre-sterilization and final clean of endoscopes by hand washing should be used 3% solutions. Exposure time is 15 min. For pre-sterilization, non-combined with disinfection, surgery and dentist’s instruments in the machine <Cristall-5> should be used 1,0% solutions. Exposure time – 5 min.; for instruments with locking parts – 10 min., stomatologic forceps and mirrors with amalgam – 15 min., Under treatment of small dentist’s instruments by automatic washing in the machine <Ultraest> the solution concentration is 0,5% - treatment time – 3 min.
In hotels, hostels, clubs and other public-attended objects surfaces of premises, pieces of rigid furniture, sanitary-technical equipment should be treated with the disinfectant solution in concentration of 0,1%, disinfection time – 60 min. In penitentiary institutions above listed objects should be treated with 1,0% disinfectant solution, disinfection time – 60 min.

Packaging: polymeric vials and jerry cans of 0,5 L.-10 L. May be used any polymeric and glass containers according with current norm-technical documents.

Storage life: concentrate – 3 years, working solutions – 14 days.

Storage terms: under temperature from +5 C to +30 C

Specialty and notes: disinfectant solutions (2 % and 3%), using for disinfection, final and pre-sterilization clean of items, should be used many times within the storage life (14 days), if their appearance is not changed. Treatment of surfaces by wiping with the disinfectant solutions may be performed without upper respiratory breathing protection and in presence of patients.

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