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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Dekonex 50 FF

Dekonex 50 FF

multi-purpose disinfectant.

Produced: <Borer Hemi> (Switzerland).

Using: multi-purpose disinfectant “Dekonex 50 FF” is intended for disinfection combined with pre-sterilization clean of medical-purpose items made of glass, plastic, rubber, metals for disinfection of surfaces (namely the floors, walls in operational and medical cabinets, baths and laundries, toilets, in fast aid cars), furniture and stock in P.C.P.I. For pre-sterilization clean including combined with disinfection (with or without adding the remedy <Dekoneks 36 Intensive>) of medical-purpose items, including dentist’s revolving instruments. For disinfection of detachable instruments and appliances.

Composition of the disinfectant: glutaric aldehyde 0,5%, glioxile 12%, didecylammonium chloride 7,5%, noniongenetical surfactant (SAS) 4%, mixture of etheric oils 1%

Consistency and specialty:  transparent liquid of dark-green color with nice smell. Well water soluble, pH of working solutions 5,0 - 6,0.
Microbiological activity: multipurpose disinfectant “Dekonex 50 FF” possesses antimicrobial activity in regard to bacteria (including TB micobacteria), viruses (including HBV, HIV), pathogenic fungi of Candida.

Toxicity: as per classification of high-hazard substances multipurpose disinfectant “Dekonex 50 FF” belongs per (COST 12.1.007-76) to the 3rd class of moderate hazard compounds in case of getting into stomach, putting it onto skin or disinfectant vapor action in saturated concentrations in form of concentrate causes visible local irritation of skin and mucous membranes, it is possible to damage the cornea. Working solutions in concentrations 1-1,5% cause moderate eyes and skin irritation when put repeatedly and in concentrations 0,25-0,5% cause week irritation of eye mucous membranes. The disinfectant possesses sensitizing effect.

Using: working solutions are prepared in glass, enameled, plastic containers with lids by adding the appropriate quantity of disinfectants concentrates to the drinking water. Disinfection of surfaces is performed by wiping, disinfection of medical-purpose items is performed by immersion in accordance with the procedures given in the methodical directives tables.

Infections of bacterial aetiology: under solution concentration 0,5% - disinfection time – 90 min., under concentration 1,0% - 30 min; tuberculosis aetiology – under solution concentrations 1,5% - disinfection time – 120 min., in case of _кандидозах__- solution concentration 1,5% - disinfection time – 90 min., viral infections (including HIV, HV) – solution concentration 2,0%, disinfection time – 30 min.

Packaging: 1 L., 5 L., polyethylene containers.

Storage life: concentrate 5 years, working solutions 14 days.

Specialty and notes: prepared solution can be used many times within 7 days. In case of strong dirtying (appearing of flakes or strong turbidity) it is changed earlier.
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