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Каталог Disinfection of surfaces and medical-purposes items Absoluzid Oxi

Absoluzid Oxi

A disinfectant powder based on active hydrogen dioxide with washing effect.

Produced in Russia

Methods and advice about use: The disinfectant < Absoluzid Oxi > is intended for:
- Prophylactic, current and final disinfection of surfaces in premises, firm pieces of furniture, sanitary-technical equipment, linen and underwear, plates and dishes (ware), patient-care items, pan cuvettes, toys, cleaning equipment, medical wastes in patient care and prophylactic, children-care institutions, in clinical, microbiological, viral laboratories, at catering enterprises, dwelling and public-attended objects (hotels, hostels, baths, laundries, hairdressers, swimming-pools, sport clubs and sanitary check posts etc.).
- For providing general clean in P.C.P.I., maternity hospitals, maternity delivery departments of P.C.P.I. and children-care institutions.
- disinfection of surfaces in premises (floors, walls, firm pieces of furniture) including surfaces of fake leather, rubber mats
- disinfection of sanitary-technical equipment (baths tubs, sinks, lavatory pans etc.)
- disinfection of linen and underwear (underwear, linen and staff uniforms)
- disinfection of ware (with and without food remnants)
- disinfection of laboratory ware;
- disinfection of patient-care objects and toys;
- disinfection of medical instruments and apparatus with chrome-nickel and polymeric coating, pan cuvettes for the prematurely borns
- disinfection of medical wastes
- disinfection of cleaning equipment
- disinfection of internal sides of means of transport (salons), including sanitary vehicles
- disinfection, including added to pre-sterilization clean, of medical-purpose items (except endoscopes and instruments to them) of low carbon steel, corrosion-resistant metals, rubber, glass, plastic, including dentist’s instruments, as well as suction pumps, silicon teeth prints; pre-sterilization clean, of medical-purpose items (except endoscopes and instruments to them) of low-carbon steel, corrosion-resistant metals, rubber, glass, plastic, including dentist’s instruments, as well as suction pumps, silicon dental models.
- disinfection of pan cuvettes for the prematurely borns, stomotological prints at enterprises of pharmacological industry
- disinfection of ventilation and air-conditioning systems
- disinfection of dental appliances.

Composition: kalium chloride (peroxide) , mixture of synthetic surfactants and corrosion inhibitor.

Type and features: It is powder of white color without smell, well-water soluble.
Water solutions are transparent colorless without strong smell: The powder dissolves in water within 10-20 min.

Microbiological activity: possesses antimicrobial activity in regard to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including pathogens of tuberculosis); also in regard to dermatophytiae, pathogenic fungi of Candida, pathogens of Hepatitis B virus, HIV and polio viruses. It is active against high hazard infections (including anthrax spores)

Toxicity: It belongs to the 3rd class of mild-hazard substances in case of getting into stomach and to the 4th class of low-hazard substances when it is put onto skin – The disinfectant does not possess sensitizing and cumulative effect.

Methods of use: for disinfection of different objects is used 0.25%-3% (except polio virus pathogens – 4%) solution concentration. Treatment is performed by wiping and soaking. Instruction on the disinfection procedure of different objects is shown in use instruction tables.

Packing information: The disinfectant is supplied in water-proof 50 gr. packets. One box contains 20 packets.

Quantity of using the disinfectant (for prepared solutions): upon the treatment of surfaces and sanitary-technical equipment – 150 ml/m².

Storage life: 3 years

Storage terms: the powder should be kept unpacked at temperature from 0° up to 30°. Containers with solutions should be kept with well-closed lids. It is normally be kept in light.

Special instructions – the disinfectant is perfectly suitable for providing general cleans.

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